The world of 100% Organic labels

Why it is not possible and what it means to be truly Organic.

100% Organic

Products can be labeled “100 percent organic” only if they contain 100% organically grown and produced ingredients (excluding water and salt). So, there are very few products which can be called 100 percent organic, especially, in skin care - unless, of course, we are selling extra virgin organic olive oil as a skincare product!

Products can be labeled as "organic" if 95% to 99% of the ingredients are organic (excluding water and salt). The remaining 5% must consist of nonagricultural substances on the list of approval bodies like The Soil Association and USDA.

Products sold by Body By Organic are "Certified" Organic, and, in case they are natural, then they are "Certified" natural products, which means you can rest assured that we have tested and certified the end-to-end supply chain of the product.

Be an informed customer

The demand for Organic products are growing every day as consumers are becoming more and concerned about the impact of non-organic farming on the environment. Sales of organic personal care products have grown by more than double compared to conventional products year on year.

This growth has led to many companies claiming "Organic" labelling on products which are not truly organic in the legal sense of the term, or they have not gone through the strict quality control that a certified company like Body By Organic has. This has led to brands selling the word "Organic" rather than selling truly "Organic" products.

Where is the accountability?

Certification from a world standard body like the Soil Association or USDA is the only way one can be sure that a product is truly "Organic" and complies to the standards that has been laid out. If there is no certification, there is no proof, and therefore, no accountability and technically these products cannot be called and labelled "Organic"

Body By Organic certifications- quality you can trust.

Seals and logos you will see on a Body By Organic product are:

All the four logos above have been achieved after going through an extremely rigorous certification process that tested the skills of our Chief Formulator to come out with highly effective formula keeping in line with the expected standards.

For more understanding on the standards we follow you may read :

For any question on how our products are made and queries on certification and quality standards please write to

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